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Hasar of Ahmiran by PhaeOBrien Hasar of Ahmiran by PhaeOBrien
Another wonderful gift from my beloved Sarah Lefor, aka :iconremember2live:! :hug:
This is Hasar of Ahmiran, an OC who came to life after a comment of hers on her previous gift and a ton of notes. Parts of his story are inspired by her and her amazing personality! :heart:

One of my main OCs from my original fantasy world, Terra Antiqua.

Her Soothing Beauty"Hasar, light!"

An angry shout and a glare was all that was needed. The boy flinched instantly and held the mirror at a different angle, making sure his master was satisfied. The light filled the room once again, sun rays reflecting on the cold surface of the mirror, dancing their way merrily upon the woman's ebony hair. Hasar stood in awe, gazing at her smooth Qarista features.
"By the Duelling Moons", he thought. "Her beauty can only be compared to that of a goddess".
The woman rolled her eyes and for a fleeting moment they shared a glance. It was then that Hasar realised he was still staring at her. The boy's cheeks turned red and he qu
Two Grapes and a Glass of spilt RacameA warm spring breeze carried the sweet, melodic laughter of Lady Rithiell's to Hasar's ears as he was heading to the garden. His heart pounded vividly in his chest, forcing him to stop and catch his breath. What was it about this woman that made his arms tremble like those of a sealh's*¹, when she is paying her respects to the Mighty Wind? His shaky hands betrayed him and, to his fright, he realised he had spilt some of the wine. Several droplets were spread on the stone-covered floor, the rich aroma of fruits, sanā*² and cassia*³ filling his sinuses, while another tear-shaped drop was sliding slowly down the crystalline s

ŠAll rights reserved.
All the drawings uploaded are of my original characters and are under copyright. I have either created the artwork myself or have commissioned an artist to do so for me. Nothing is to be used in any way without my written or otherwise permission. You cannot publish, edit, reproduce, upload, etc. Click here for detailed permissions and terms.
slugette Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh.. beautiful :) I imagined him without the facial hair, but hey, this is great!!! :)
PhaeOBrien Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Truth be told, Hasar here is older than the stories I've written so far and quite some time after he broke free from servitude. As a servant and slave he wasn't allowed to have any facial or bodily hair. :)
slugette Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah that makes more sense.. :)
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